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Inversion (ID:1073)

г 2008
ʳ 71
Introduction 1. Theoretical information about the order of words in suggestion and inversion as one of stylistic receptions 1.1. A stylistic acpect of study of order of words is in suggestion 1.2. The history of inversion 1.3. Inversion as stylistic reception 2. Function of inversion as stylistion in a newspaper publicism 2.1. Logical and informative function 2.2. Intensifiation. Subject and Object Clauses 2.3. Emotionally - evaluation function of inversion 2.4. The inversion in the heading of article 3. Practical analysis of inversion on the example of reasons of Daily Telegraf 3.1. Analysis of the first article from Daily Telegraf 3.2. Analysis of the second article from Daily Telegraf 3.3. Analysis of the first article from Daily Telegraf Conclusions Literature
ֳ(.) 200