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Features of advertising in the Internet environment (M&M's brand case))

Features of advertising in the Internet environment (M&M's brand case)) (ID:277941)

г 2018
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INTRODUCTION5 CHAPTER ONE: ONLINE ADVERTISING BASICS.7 1.1 The characteristic features of online advertising. 7 1.2 Online advertising tools10 1.3 Advertisement psychological influence13 CHAPTER TWO: FEATURES OF ADVERTISING IN SOCIAL NETWORKS18 2.1 Features of using social networks in business 18 2.2 Styles and rhetorical devices in the online advertisements.20 CHAPTER THREE: M&MS BRAND ADVERTISING 21 3.1 Analysis of M&Ms online advertising campaign..26 3.2 Analysis of advertisements texts 29 CONCLUSIONS 35 REFERENCES..37 APPENDIXES41 Appendix 141 Appendix 242 Appendix 343
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Introduction Every day the number of Internet users increases and it contributes to the serious development of this tool in the hands of experienced managers and employees in the advertising business. Almost every firm and company is trying to use this promotion channel in any branch of the economy. Internet is an actively developing medium and skills and knowledge of various aspects of Internet advertising can help business at any stage of its life. The aim of the research is to find out what opportunities the Internet environment offers for advertising in comparison with advertising through traditional media as well as how business can use these opportunities to effectively achieve the advertising goals. The method of the research will include a qualitative content analysis of a particular brands advertisements texts that the author will find on official web sites, pages in social networks and other online resources. Hence, this study endeavors to analyze the following research questions: - What are the main feautures, advantages and disadvantages of advertising on the Internet? - What tools are available today for advertising on the Internet? - How does advertising have a psychological influence on the buyer and what factors affect this influence? - How business can use social networks to achieve advertising goals? - What styles and rethorical devices are used in web advertisements texts? - What are the features of the online advertising campaign of a certain brand chosen within the framework of this study? - What stylistic, humorous and rhetorical techniques are used in advertisements texts of a certain brand. This thesis is structured as follows: Chapter 1 provides the analysis of literature covering the features of online advertising. Attention is paid to the concept of advertising, online advertising and its objectives, unique advantages and disadvantages, as well as tools of the Internet advertising. Further, the concepts of psychological influence of advertising, cognitive and affective responses, factors influencing the recipient's attitude to advertising are analyzed based on literature sources. Chapter 2 explores the characteristics and classification of social networking sites as well as the features and potential of social networks for business. Further, an overview and analysis of the styles and rhetorical devices of the texts of advertisements with the examples from social network advertisements are given. Chapter 3 focuses on the advertising activities of the M&Ms brand of Mars company. In particular, the directions, features and formats of the online campaigns of the brand are analyzed, and detailed analysis of advertising texts is carried out. Attention is paid to stylistic features, rhetorical devices, as well as ways to achieve humor in the brand's advertisements texts. The appendixes to the study demonstrate examples of the use of some online advertising formats by the investigated brand M&Ms. The current study can have practical implications for the advertising professionals in the selection and use of online advertising formats, in media planning and the development of advertising campaigns. It will also provide advertisers, marketers, and businessmen with a better understanding of the features of modern advertising texts used in the Internet environment.