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Psycholinguistic peculiarities of manipulative strategies in Modern English and Ukrainian discourses

Psycholinguistic peculiarities of manipulative strategies in Modern English and Ukrainian discourses (ID:255065)

г 2018
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TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION5 CHAPTER ONE. THEORETICAL ASPECT OF LINGUISTIC MANIPULATION...9 1.1. Cognitive background to linguistic manipulation.9 1.2. Psychological footing to manipulation15 1.3. Classification of manipulation18 1.4. Parameters of manipulation.27 Conclusion to Chapter One .30 CHAPTER TWO. MANIPULATIVE STRATEGIES AND TACTICS IN MODERN ENGLISH AND UKRAINIAN DISCOURSES...33 2.1. The notions of strategy and tactic in discourse analysis....33 2.2. Classification of strategies and tactics of manipulation and their interaction...36 2.2.1. Cooperative macrostrategy of manipulation.37 Group identification strategy38 Distortion of information strategy42 Strategy of anticipation47 Trouble and resolution strategy50 2.2.2. Regulative macrostrategy of manipulation...52 Positive social face strategy...52 Compliment strategy56 Positive self-representation strategy61 Flirt strategy.62 Topic change strategy..64 2.2.3. Conflict macrostrategy of manipulation...65 Conviction strategy..66 Accusation strategy..66 Threat strategy..67 Indignation strategy..68 Ignoring strategy..69 Interruption strategy.70 Discrediting strategy71 Conclusions to Chapter Two74 CHAPTER THREE. PSYCHOLINGUISTIC ASPECTS OF MANIPULATION IN MODERN ENGLISH AND UKRAINIAN DISCOURSES79 3.1. Psycholinguistic models of communication...79 3.2. Psycholinguistic parameters of the communicative process: typology of linguistic personality81 3.3. Realization of manipulative strategies in tactics in Modern English and Ukrainian discourses...89 3.3.1. Manipulative strategies in political discourse89 3.3.2. Peculiarities of influence on peoples consciousness in printed and video advertisements.97 3.3.3. Manipulation in online British newspapers.103 Conclusions to Chapter Three111 GENERAL CONLUSIONS115 RÉSUMÉ..118 LITERATURE CITED...119 LIST OF ILLUSTRATION MATERIALS...125  
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